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General rental conditions 2019

1 - Reservation - The reservation will become effective once the Agency has received a deposit equaling 25% of the total rental price. The Agency will then send a rental contract and a description of the rental within eight days for confirmation. Paying the deposit indicates the renters acceptance of the present general conditions.

2 - Paying the balance - The Agency must receive the balance due at least 30 days prior to the date of arrival specified in the contract, without the Agency having to request it from the renter. Any renter who wants to pay the balance the day of arrival must do so by credit card, cash or a bank certified check. No uncertified checks will be accepted the day of arrival. Traveler's checks are accepted to pay deposits and remaining balances.

3 - Security Deposit - A security deposit of 230 € to be paid by check (if possible) will be required upon arrival. This security deposit will be partially or totally forfeit if the inventory is incomplete or the rental is damaged or poorly cleaned. If the security deposit will not cover these costs the renter must send the amount required without delay. If there are no problems with the inventory or the state of the rental upon check-out the security deposit will be returned at that time. For all departures outside of the Agency's opening hours the deposit will be returned by mail within eight days.

4 - Cancellation - Cancellations will be handled in the following manner :

- cancellation more than 60 days prior to the date of arrival specified in the contract: the deposit will be reimbursed following deduction of a forfeit of 46 €.

- cancellation between 59 and 40 days : the deposit is forfeited as a minimum indemnity.

- cancellation less than 40 days prior to the date of arrival: the entire balance will be due unless the apartment can be re-rented. In this case only the deposit is forfeited as a minimum indemnity. The Agency offers "seasonal rental" insurance. This insurance covers the risks of cancellation as well as the renter's liability for the rental. It is strongly recommended that the renter purchases this insurance whose low fee is incomparable to the financial risk they run .

Warning : any changes made in the rental agreement, even if they occur prior to occupation of the rental will be considered as a cancellation followed by re-rental, unless the apartment initially rented can be re-rented under the same conditions.

5 - Arrival - Arrivals are handled at the Agency Saturday afternoon between 2pm and 7pm. The eventual remaining balance for the rental as well as the security deposit will have to be paid before occupying the rental. The renters will be accompanied and settled into the rental by our hostesses. If the renter will be late or needs to change the date of arrival we ask you to inform the Agency by telephone. If the date of arrival is changed payment of the remaining balance must be made prior to the date of arrival specified in the contract. If the renter does not show up within 24hrs of the date of arrival specified in the contact or does not inform the Agency of their delay the Agency reserves the right to re-rent the rental and will not be liable to the initial renter for any monetary damages.

6 - Departure - Check-outs take place Saturday morning between 9am and 11am during the low season and between 7am and 11am in July/August. Two days prior to their departure the renter must make an appointment with the Agency to take care of check-out formalities. No reimbursement may be claimed by the renter for any remaining days if the renter leaves the rental prior to the specified date of departure.

7 - Inventory and inspection - Upon arrival : will be carried out by the renter using a form that will be given to him at the same time as the keys. This form must be returned to the Agency within 48hrs.
Upon departure :
will be carried out by a person from the Agency in the presence of the renter. The rental will be inspected for cleanliness, bedding and the good working condition of all appliances and sanitary equipment. An inventory of the furniture and dishes will also be re-taken.

8 - Final cleaning - The renter must return the rental clean and in good condition upon departure. The Agency can take care of cleaning the rental for a fee of 46 €. The renter must sign up on the Agency's housecleaning schedule 48hrs prior to departure to take advantage of this service.

9 - Conditions for use - The renter's behavior must be peaceful and courteous (occupying the renter in a responsible manner) and the rental must carefully taken care of by him. The contracts issued by the Neige-Soleil real estate agency are in one person's name: the person stipulated in the contract will be fully responsible for the rental. The last names, first names and age of each occupant must be indicated on the reservation form and will be included as an appendix to the contract. No contract may be ceded or transferred without the Agency's approval. The Agency retains the right to cancel the contract without paying any indemnities to the renter 24hrs after the renter has been officially notified of a problem (e.g. that the occupants aren't those specified in the contract, the rental is occupied by a number of people greater than that specified on the contract or neighbors have complained about the occupants for disturbing the peace or not behaving in accordance with the specific building regulations or current regulations). The renter will not allow any animals (dog, cat, etc.) inside the rental without the Agency's authorization. Some owners refuse to allow animals in their rental.

10 - Furnishings - The apartments we rent belong to private individuals. Therefore each apartment is furnished and arranged differently. However the Neige-Soleil real estate agency always pays special attention to the renter's comfort and the quality of its furnishings.
Some useful information :
- a "loggia" is a covered patio,
- a "cabine" is a small room with two bunk beds, either separate or located off the entry,
- the living rooms almost always have a hide-a-bed that sleeps 2.

Our prices include : O water, gas and electricity bills as well as the Agency's commission.

Our prices do not include : the residency tax, "seasonal rental" insurance, heating bills in March, April, May and October or file handling fees. These additional costs are as follows.

Mandatory expenses to pay in addition to the amount of rent :

Residency tax : depending on the price set by the city
File handling fee : 18€
Heating expenses : 5€ per day (only in cold weather).

Non mandatory but strongly recommended in addition to the cost of rent :
"Seasonal rental" insurance : includes risks of cancellation and renter liability for the rental.
Price :
13 € by rented week.
Additional services :
The following may be rented upon arrival :
- sheets: 9 € per pair,
- television: 48 € the 1st week, 24 € from the 2nd week on,
- folding bed: 15€ / week,
- crib: 15€ / week, please reserve ahead of time
- stroller 18 € / week, please reserve ahead of time

Mail : the renter should have all mail addressed to him and sent solely to the Agency's address.
E.g. :
Mr. or Mrs ....
c/o NEIGE-SOLEIL Real Estate Agency
P.O. box 611
34305 Cap d'Agde cedex

Mail will be available for pick-up by the renter at the Agency every day from 10am on.

Telephone Messages : the renter may receive telephone messages at the Agency which will be made available with the mail. No messages (excluding serious situations) will be delivered to the renter at home.

Choice of jurisdiction : both parties elect domicile in the NEIGE-SOLEIL Real Estate Agency's head office to carry out the present contact.



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